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Can you combine the law practice profession with a position in the public or private sectors?

No, according to Article 1/3/A of the Law Practice Code regulations.

Can you combine the law practice profession with a private job (with commercial registration)?

You can combine the law practice profession with any job that does not conflict with the nature of law practice, provided that you have the approval of the Lawyers Registration Committee, according to Article 1/3/B of the Law Practice Code regulations.

What are the conditions for the lawyer to be qualified for training trainees?

The coaching lawyer must have spent at least five years in practice, according to Article 10/3/B of the Law Practice Code regulations.

I have finished training and would like to apply for a law practice license; when do I have to apply?

After finishing training, the trainee lawyer must apply within a maximum of two years, according to Article 10/3/H of the Law Practice Code regulations, unless he or she provides an excuse accepted by the Committee.

How to apply for enrollment in the courses of the Justice Training Center? What are the fees?

You should contact the center for information on courses and fees.

Must the required 100 training hours be provided by the Justice Training Center?

Yes, they have to be provided by the Justice Training Center, or a center accredited by the Justice Training Center. You should contact the Center for information on accredited centers.

I concluded the training contract with the coaching lawyer a month ago and would like my registration at the Directorate to start from the date of concluding the contract rather than the date of application

Registration at the Directorate starts from the date of approving the training application or transfer to another lawyer, not from the date of concluding the contract with the lawyer.

What’s the time limit for the trainee lawyer’s completion of application for the training certificate after the coaching lawyer has added him through the Najiz portal?

The trainee lawyer must immediately file the application. The coaching lawyer’s application to add a trainee through Najiz portal is valid for 90 days; you cannot file an application after the expiration of this period. In this case, a new “addition” is required

How long does it take to finish consideration of applications for training, trainee transfer and pleading licenses?

Decisions on applications are reached within five workdays.

Can I file the application in person if I have a technical problem?

The application can only be filed electronically through the Najiz portal. You can contact the Unified Communication Center for technical support.

How can I be sure that the application is complete after applying?

If there is any issue with the application, the applicant is notified so that they address the issue.

Does the requirement of 100 training hours apply to legal representatives and those who have public or private sector experience?

This requirement applies only to trainee lawyers (at law firms), according to Article 22/3 of the Law Practice Code regulations.

If my experience includes working in the public and private sectors, as well as training at law firms, do I still have to provide proof of attending 100 training hours when applying for the law practice license?

Yes, every trainee lawyer must provide proof of attending 100 training hours.

I’m training at a law firm and have a commercial registration. Does this affect my application for the law practice license?

Yes, it is.

Can I file an application using a letter from the university since I haven’t received the graduation certificate yet?

A graduation certificate is required for application.

Does the requirement of 100 training hours apply to holders of a specialized master’s degree?

Yes, the 100 training hours requirement applies to trainee lawyers who have a master’s degree.

How do I check the status of the application?

You can track the application status through the Najiz portal.

Must the coaching lawyer pay the trainee a salary?

The coaching lawyer is required to register the trainee lawyer in GOSI. He should contact this organization in this regard.

Which authority can the trainee lawyer resort to if the coaching lawyer fails to provide him with a clearance or report?

The trainee lawyer can file a lawsuit before the labor court.

Is the experience gained before obtaining a master’s degree included?

Yes, it is.

Is a post-graduate higher diploma included when applying for a law practice license?

Yes, the higher diploma is included as experience, provided that the diploma is accredited by the Lawyers Registration Committee, and that the experience period does not overlap with other experience periods.

What are the conditions for opening an office for law practice?

Opening a law practice is subject to the terms of the relevant authorities such as municipalities. The office must be appropriate for the profession, located on a public street, and marked with a sign at the entrance stating the lawyer’s name and working hours, according to Article 1/21 of the Law Practice Code regulations.

How do I inform the Directorate that I have started a law practice? What’s the time limit for notification?

The profession is practiced through opening an independent office, partnership with a licensed lawyer, or working for a licensed lawyer. The lawyer must inform the Directorate of the office within a maximum of 90 days from the date of notification of license issuance. Notification of the office is performed by updating the lawyer’s information on Najiz portal.

Do you I have to apply for stopping my practice if I obtain a position in the public or private sectors?

Yes, you have to apply for stopping your practice immediately.

If I obtain a position before the issuance of the license, will my name be removed from the lawyers’ list and my license cancelled?

Yes, it is.

I would like to make a complaint against a lawyer who received an advance payment without making the required effort according to the agreement between us. How to make the complaint?

Complaints for special rights shall be filed to the competent court that heard the original case, according to Article 26 of the Code of Law Practice. If the claim is for compensation, it shall be in accordance with Article 3/29 of the Law Practice Code regulations.

I have sued a lawyer before the competent court and he was convicted for breach of professional duties. What are the requirements for filing the complaint to the Directorate?

The complaint can be filed through the Unified Communication Center on the condition that you attach a copy of the ruling.

I would like to hire a lawyer to plead on my behalf but I cannot afford it. How to file an application for a lawyer in this case?

You can contact the Saudi Bar Association for assistance, according to Article 2 of the Saudi Bar Association regulations.

How to hire a lawyer for someone accused of a major crime?

Under Article 139 of the Law of Criminal Procedure, the application for appointing a lawyer for someone accused of a major crime is filed by the court hearing the case.

What are the electronic services offered by the ministry of justice?

The ministry provides a number of electronic services. You can view those services by clicking on the "e-Services" link on the main menu.

How can I view the details of electronic services?

The ministry of justice portal provides a guide to explain the services and how they are used .Click on the "e-Services" link then select the service to view its details.

What is Najiz platform for electronic services?
Najiz is a judicial services platform which provides all MoJ services through one unified platform. Najiz offers fast and efficient digital services to all ministry clients in order to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. To reach the platform, just click on Najiz link .
How can I reach to FAQs regarding Najiz services?

You can visit the FAQs link under Najiz.

How can I reach the conciliation services offered by the ministry?

You can visit Taradhi platform in order to reach conciliation services. The platform offers ease to help parties in dispute reach mutual grounds and reconcile. Click on Taradhi link to reach the services.

How can I enquire about an electronic application?

Through "Inquire about an application" service, clients can find out the status of an application by entering the number and date of the application. Click on "Inquire about an application" service

I am facing a problem with an e-service?

Please contact client services office by clicking on Contact Us link .

If the electronic service is not available, how can I inquire about alternative channels to obtain the service?

If you cannot find your question, please contact us through the Contact Us  link 

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