Employment at the Ministry of Justice

  • The Ministry of Justice has worked on attracting the best talents to contribute to the realization of the ministry’s vision and the Kingdom’s development. It has made opportunities available for both men and women, and used the best practices that ensure universal participation and gender equality.

    What distinguishes the Ministry of Justice

    We seek to provide the best services to clients through the collaboration of well-qualified staff and supportive digitization programs.

    Advantages of work at the Ministry of Justice

    1.        Motivating and supportive work environment
    2.        Unlimited potential for personal and professional growth
    3.        Integrated digital work systems

    The recruitment process in the public sector is subject to civil service laws and regulations.

    Saudi nationals looking for opportunities can record their personal data, qualifications and expertise; and attach required documents through the government employment system "Jadara"Click here

    Last Modified : 30 May 2022
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