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Open data is the data that anyone can use freely without technical, financial or legal restrictions, as well as their re-use and publishing, taking into account the requirements of legal license according to which this data was published through the National Open Data Portal.

The Ministry of Justice has provided open data to all visitors through an open library that contains several types of data in multiple formats that facilitate processing and reuse, in order to enhance transparency and encourage electronic participation. The Ministry sought to share this data with the beneficiaries through the National Open Data Portal.

The Ministry also made it possible for the beneficiary to obtain data in various formats by submitting an Open Data Request.

Interactive Indicators Service

The Ministry of Justice provides Judicial indicators Service through (99 Key Indicators), which is an advanced electronic service that includes data and statistics that reflect work in actuality in the courts and notaries public in full transparency to all members of society by publishing open judicial data, aiming to measure performance, track work in actuality, and contribute to taking the appropriate decision, which can be accessed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal, through which it is possible to track the percentages of incoming and completed cases, the number of daily cases, average cases completion periods, track appointments for cases, track the completion of execution and amounts requests, and track the work of various Notary Publics.

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Last Modified : 9 Nov 2023

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