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General Directorate of Law Practice

About Directorate of Law Practice

- Creation: After the issuance of the Council of Ministers' decision no. 199 dated 14/7/1422 A.H., and the Royal Decree no. M/38 dated 28/7/1422 A.H. approving the Code of Law Practice, the Minister of Justice issued the decision no. 4522 dated 2/6/1423 A.H. establishing the General Directorate of Law Practice.

- Overall Objective: Taking care of the affairs of lawyers and trainee lawyers, working on the development of the law practice profession, monitoring the implementation of the Code of Law Practice, and supervising law firms to ensure commitment to professional duties.

- Organizational Affiliation: The directorate reports to the vice-minister of justice.       

Directorate's Functions:

1.  Providing suggestions and proposals for developing law practice, and collaborating with competent authorities in preparing strategic plans and objectives

2.  Issuing training certificates for trainee lawyers, and pleading licenses for representatives of private legal entities

3.  Regulating and supervising the work of the Lawyers Registration Committee, and monitoring the implementation of its decisions

4.  Ensuring that lawyers comply with the Code of Law Practice and its regulations, and monitoring the implementation of sanctions issued by the law practice disciplinary committee

5.  Studying, monitoring and reporting the inquiries, complaints and observations on those subject to the Code of Law Practice and its regulations

Organizational Chart

1.    General director
2.    Assistant director
3.    Registration unit (reception section; licensing section; archiving section)
4.    Advisory unit
5.    Monitoring unit 
6.    Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing unit

Last Modified : 25 Oct 2021

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