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The Minister’s Office

We manage the affairs of the minister's office and provide administrative and follow-up services that help the minister perform his work efficiently.


  1. To prepare the draft annual plan for the activities and works of the office in line with the objectives and general policies of the ministry, and to implement them after they have been adopted.
  2. To manage the daily activities of the office.
  3. To supervise the order and schedule of appointments, visits, interviews, meetings and special official tasks, and set up the schedule according to the directions of H.E. the Minister.
  4. To coordinate with the competent authorities inside and outside the ministry to obtain the information needed by the minister, and file it in a systematic manner.
  5. To receive visitors of the minister's office and respond to their inquiries.
  6. To view submitted reports, studies and letters, and make comments in preparation for their adoption.
  7. To prepare decisions and correspondence of the minister's office.
  8. To organize the visitors' needs and take the necessary action before submitting them to H.E. the Minister.
  9. To determine the needs of the minister's office and proceed to request them from the relevant departments.
  10. To forward transactions to competent authorities, and present to the minister the ones that require his attention for guidance.
  11. To coordinate with the ministry's directors in all works.

    12.To supervise office staff

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