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National Transformation Program

Saudi Vision 2030:

"My first goal is to make our country a successful and pioneering model in the world at all levels; and I will work with you to achieve this."
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques 
King Salman b. Abdul-Aziz Al Saud 
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About Saudi Vision 2030

 Saudi Arabia ... Arab and Islamic Depth ...
A Pioneering Investment Power ... A Hub Connecting Three Continents
Saudi Arabia is blessed with several geographical, cultural, social, demographic and economic factors that enable it to assume a high position among the leading countries in the world. A country’s vision should emanate from its strengths, and this is what we have adopted in building our vision for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year (1452 - 2030). Our position in the Islamic world will enable us to play our leading role as the depth and support for our Arab and Islamic nations. In addition, our investment power will be the key and motivator for the diversification and sustainability of our economy. Our strategic position will also enable us to be a hub connecting three continents.
Our vision is based on three themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation. These themes are integrated and coordinated in order to achieve our objectives and maximize the benefits of the Vision’s foundations.

Our vision starts with and aspires to the community. The first theme is the basis for realizing the Vision and establishing a solid foundation for our economic prosperity. This theme stems from our belief in the importance of building a vibrant society whose members live according to the Islamic principles and the ideology of moderation. They shall be proud of their national identity and their glorious cultural heritage, in a positive and attractive environment that provides a high quality of life for citizens and residents, supported with a firm family institution and empowered medical and social care systems.

For the second theme, a thriving economy, we focus on providing opportunities for all by building an educational system tied to labor market needs, and by developing opportunities for entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and large companies alike. We believe in developing our investment tools to unlock the potential of our promising economic sectors, diversify the economy, and generate jobs for citizens. Since we believe in the role of competitiveness in improving services and economic development, we focus our efforts on privatizing government services and improving the business environment, thus attracting the best international talents and quality investments, and utilizing our unique strategic location.

And since effectiveness and responsibility are essential concepts, we seek to apply them at all levels to be a nation ambitious with its production and achievements. This is why the third theme of our Vision focuses on the public sector. We have outlined an effective government by enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accountability; and by encouraging a culture of performance empowering our resources and human capital. We also provide the necessary environment for citizens, businesses and the non-profit sector to assume their responsibilities and take the initiative in confronting challenges and seizing opportunities.

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National Transformation Program 2020:

The program aims to develop government work and establish the necessary infrastructure to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 and encompass its ambitions and requirements by supporting flexibility in public service and enhancing coordination, and joint work and planning. To this end, we identify some common goals of public entities based on national priorities, motivate the transfer of expertise among such entities, and involve the private and non-profit sectors in identifying challenges, finding solutions and methods of financing and implementation, and participating in follow-up and evaluation of performance. 

MoJ’s Strategic Objectives:​

In its NTP 2020 journey, the Ministry of Justice has strived to achieve the strategic objective:
Improving the quality of judicial services provided to clients.

Last Modified : 24 May 2022

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