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eParticipation Policy

Principle of e-Participation

In order to enhance the role of electronic community participation, the Ministry of Justice follow the electronic participation tools issued by the Digital Government Authority,To view the guide Click here   

The ministry enables all community groups to participate and express their opinions through e-platforms to discuss justice-related issues, topics and matters, which may contribute to decision-making at the ministry. Community e-participation provides several benefits, notably realizing transparency, increasing engagement, and expediting decision-making.


e-Participation Terms and Regulations 

Interaction and e-participation on the MoJ portal implies agreement to the terms and controls governing such participation. The Ministry of Justice would like the portal visitors to read the guidelines and controls set out below:             

· Use clear standard Arabic and correct spelling as much as possible.

· Do not send your post more than once.

· Do not use offensive, obscene, vulgar, racist or sectarian language against any person or entity.

·  Be careful when writing religious texts in your posts; avoid errors in stating them. In addition, do not use them in the wrong context.

· Your participation shall be serious, objective, clear and concise.

· Do not use the MoJ portal for any commercial promotions, spam, or abuse.

· Do not publish personal information such as names, contact data, and addresses; and do not do marketing for any entity.

·  Do not send links for providing or downloading files, malware, or corrupt data.

·  Do not use the MoJ's e-participation systems in a manner that affects their performance, safety, or continuity; or prevents others from using them.


Collection of Feedback:

The Ministry of Justice enables everyone to communicate with the Ministry and share their experiences, suggestions, ideas and issues through the e-participation platforms, enabling collection of feedback and consultations from clients.

Monitoring responses and opinions:

The Ministry is keen to study, evaluate and respond to all posts in line with the proposed topics. However, the Ministry reserves the right to avoid or delete whatever posts it deems to be contrary to its policy or Saudi laws.


Use of Feedback:

The feedback received by the ministry will help in creating policies, making decisions, and identifying opportunities. The Ministry has the right to dispose and re-publish the results in the manner it deems to be appropriate.



The Ministry of Justice, its staff and representatives shall never be legally responsible for the comments or observations published through its e-participation channels. The Ministry is not legally responsible for any negative comments, or results thereof, published through its e-participation channels.

Last Modified : 19 May 2024

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