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Rent and buildings

Advertisement conditions

1-Ownership of the property with a title deed

2-Air conditioning for the rooms, halls and annexes; installation of flooring of ceramic, marble or porcelain; and installation of suitable curtains for windows.

3-The building must have a computer network (IP) with the required number of lines for operations; with proof of the availability of a DP box from STC.

4-Securing the building by installing iron bars on all ground floor windows, stairwells, and AC openings. The building's main doors must be of good quality iron.

5-Shaded car parking spaces must be available inside the fences; in addition to two rooms, kitchen, and bathroom for guards outside the building but inside the fences; with parking spaces for cars of staff and visitors.

6-The building should be located on a main street for easy directions.

7-The building must not have been vacated previously by any government agency due to the owner's request.

8-Commitment to additions and modifications during the first year of the contract.

9-The property owner must not be an MoJ employee.

10-Commitment to the maintenance of electric and hydraulic elevators on own expense.

11-Provide all safety and security means under the requirements of Civil Defense and the General Directorate for Safety and Security, including the provision of a backup generator and an FM system, with a recent Civil Defense certificate.

12-Commitment to making all needed changes and providing all requirements to make the building suitable for the entity that needs it according to the plans and specifications approved by the ministry.

13-The owner must be committed to providing corrective maintenance and everything under his responsibility for the duration of the contract.

14-Attachment of building and architectural plans, showing the building area, room layout and area, and bathrooms.

15-The two sides must comply with the Law of State Leasing and Vacating of Property and its regulations, and the unified lease.

16-Submission of applications within 15 days from newspaper advertisement in a sealed envelope containing:

     a. An application from the owner showing the rent and full address

     b.Location sketch

     c.Copy of title deed

     d.Copy of owner's ID card

17-Every applicant is required to sign an acknowledgment to commit to all terms and requirements, and attach it to the submission.

18-Anyone whose property meets the above requirements shall undertake to submit a written acknowledgment stating that he is not bound by any entity to rent it the property. The number of rooms shall be stated in the advertisement according to actual needs. 

Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021

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