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Mobile notarial offices

Mobile notarial offices is a free service provided by the Ministry of Justice to beneficiaries who are unable to appear at notarial offices, including the elderly (70 years or older), invalids, disabled people, and inmates.

The notary provides the service at the beneficiary's location according to available dates, and the service is extended immediately without the need for visiting a notarial office.

The service is available in the following cities:

·      Makkah

·      Riyadh 

·      Madinah

·      Jeddah

·      Dammam

·      Khobar

·      Dhahran

·      Buraidah

·      Onaizah

To reserve an appointment:

-   Elderly people: directly through the MoJ mobile apps.

-   Invalids and disabled people: by dialing the MoJ universal access number 920025888 or by sending an e-mail to the email address MNP@MOJ.GOV.SA.

-   Inmates: by contacting the service representatives authorized by the Ministry of Justice at their place.


Last Modified : 15 Jun 2021

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