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Marriage Contracts Registrars

About Gen. Directorate of Marriage Registrars:

The Saudi Ministry of Justice has paid great attention to marriage registrars (“mazuns”) due to the vital role they have in the community. The ministry has established the General Directorate of Marriage Registrars to supervise the registrars’ affairs.

Creation: Under the Cabinet decision no. 152 dated 10/6/1423 A.H., amending Article 69 of the Law for Concentration of Shariah Justice Responsibilities, and based on Article 69(a) of the said Law, the MoJ minister's decision no. 1245 dated 25/2/1424 A.H. established a general directorate named "the General Directorate of Marriage Registrars."

Overall Objective: Regulating procedures for obtaining marriage registrar licenses, using modern tech, and applying the new regulations in licensing and overseeing marriage registrars.

Organizational Affiliation: The directorate reports to the Deputy Minister for Property Certification and Registration.

Directorate’s Functions:

1.Receive applications for licenses, file them to the inspection commission, and file the commission’s recommendations to the deciding commission.
2.Register and supervise marriage registrars.
3.Keep and archive the files of all marriage registrars working in the Kingdom.
4.Investigate any violations committed by marriage registrars and file them to the commission for disciplinary action.

Directorate’s Goals:
1. Improve marriage registrars’ performance, enhance their efficiency, and facilitate and regulate their work.
2. Control and automate procedures for obtaining and renewing marriage registrar licenses.
3. Monitor contract certifications, supervise marriage registrars’ work, and investigate any violations.
4. Automate marriage contract procedures.
5. Standardizing marriage contract procedures electronically to ensure integrity.

The directorate is divided into four departments:
1. Licensing
2. Research and development
3. Inspection
4. Filing

Last Modified : 17 Nov 2022

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